Bren from Chiesa di Totti stops by to talk all things Roma. We talked about the race for Champions League, Ranieri, Pallota, Dzeko, Stadio della Roma, among other things. Tune in!

LA Magicast is back with their take on the AS Roma State of the Union. New member, Sam Rubio joins Julian and Greg as the podcast gets rebooted! Episode 67

February 22, 2017

Episode 66: Where Are We Now?

6 months since last podcast - a lot of things have happened since then. Good and bad. Greg, Julian and Alex go over the most important issues. Tune in!

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It's been a while but we're not dead... yet. 
Greg, Julian and Alex return to talk about the upcoming season and our expectations.

.”.. Know what ya doing, doing to me?”

It’s been a while (we always say this) but we’re back again sharing our nonsence. Hope you enjoy it!

Topics: Rudi Garcia. Doumbia, Destro, Mitrovic and Dzeko – to strike or not to striker. Romagnoli or 30 mill?

The La Magicast crew

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In the 'better late than never' category.. It's pod! Lots to cover - Fiorentina Game, Summer Transfers and Champions League draw - so get comfy!


Season is over, but there is still plenty to talk about. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BENATIA. Alex, Julian and Greg comments on the latest story before jumping into the incredible season that just finished. More at


We’re back with a new podcast, and as usual a lot has happened since last time. Some excellent wins, a very nasty injury to Kevin and the unveiling of our future home ground.


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